Thanks again for the crit, I'll check out a few of them because you actually crit two of my songs.

Black metal is not my kind of music, but I'll try to crit them from the perspective of someone who likes that stuff.

The Cold Winds:

Good screams and growls throughout the song. Good drums, not sure if they're programmed or not, but if they are then they don't really sound programmed. I liked the riffs throughout the song, especially that one part at around 1:50, kinda sounded like Buckethead. Good job.

Proclamation for Winter:

Pretty cool little solo. I think there are a couple little bits early on that would sound good if they were repeated, it would make a good intro.


Like the chords in the intro, but they sounded out of time and sloppy a bit, just need to tighten it up some. It could have been shortened a lot too, it just kinda dragged on a bit. I think the change at 5:30 should have come at like 2:30 or 3:00 really. Anyways, I like the guitar riff that comes in then. I like that synth/keyboard or whatever that comes in at around 7:00. The ending solo had a few sour notes but it was good. Just shorten this one down a lot and it would be good.
Black metal's one of my favourite genres, and I've been happy to see more black metal getting posted to UG.

Anyways, I listened a few of your songs:

The Cold Winds was interesting, except the <judjudjudjudjudsqureee> part around 1:48 seemed out of place and ruined the flow. The vocals and overall sound was good though.

Proclamation For Winter sounded good and rather Burzumusque, except the end got sort of needlessly busy. There was a sort of atmosphere and when the track got too fast, it was lost and started to sound like new wave instead of black metal.

Anyways, you like black metal, so C4C this pl0x?
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I wish I knew more about black metal to give you a constructive critique in return, however, I don't.. but from what I can hear, your songs sound very heavy. I'm not sure about compared to other black metal bands, as I don't really know many, but to what you'll find in my playlist you are. I liked Mountain the best I think. I'm not sure if you were trying to be off timed with the guitar progression, but I think if it was better timed with the drums it would sound better. Thanks for the critique on .bas.