Ok so weve had interest from a couple of indie labels with our demo we recorded

The question is, would you personally hold out for a major label or take up an indie labels offer...? Why were saying this is because we dont want to release something no ones going to hear, but in saying we dont want to lose the opportunity to get something out there... From what we gather its not going to be promoted all that well... We have only being a band for about 2 months as well...

So major label or indie, what would you do
Perhaps you want to post the names of the labels? Can't really do much in the way of advice unless we know what we're talking about.
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Depends what YOU wanna do brah. I would take the indie for now.

...or is this just cleverly disguised advertising?
Sign with the indie label. Hopefully they can get you shows and put out your record, which equals more exposure. It's gotta be better than what you have now.

Edit: Dear Christ your singer is awful.
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One of the problems i have as we looked at the label and all the bands sound absolutly nothing like us a lmao
I'd say avoid major labels, they have a reputation for ripping off any band that isn't their cash cow. And I think unless I could find a really good indie label, I'd do things without labels altogether. With current technology you can record, produce, master, distribute, and promote albums without help from labels, and if you study the business before you can probably do it more effectively.
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