Hey guys check out my band At The Wall! We play the music that we would want to hear and hopefully its something you want to hear as well! Were from southern Illinois, where the scene slowly dying out, but some how manages to produce a ton of metal bands. We're trying really hard to pick things up again and keep it positive in the midwest!
We just put 3 new songs and a new layout up, so check it out and tells us what you think!
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Dude thats some pretty awesome stuff. Professional layout on the myspace too.
Holy mess, i saw pop punk, i was skeptical. I took a listen, i ****ing love this stuff man. Reminds me of a local band i love seeing. Great.
Edit- Dude, could i get a download of some of this. Definitely car music.
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You guys don't sound too much like New Found Glory.

Haha, seriously though, I like it. But it's very NFG-ish. Their first 2 albums in particular. Not that that's a bad thing. My only advice would be just try to be a little more origional, otherwise your a good pop-punk band.
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thanks for the feedback guys! We're hoping to have the ep up for purchase soon so if you like what you hear then help us out! Untill then, tell your friends about us, add us on your myspace and put our songs on your profile playlist! More ways to help us out under the "promote" section on our profile.

If youre in the STL area and want tickets to the set your goals show, pm me and we'll work something out to get them to you!
hey man.. i'd like to hear some live tracks. the recording sounds fantastic though. my first thought when i heard the guitar work was definitely in the same realm as NFG which is a nice band to be compared to. i do agree with the above comment of a concern of originality. the vocals, music, and the whole works are all very very good, but the sound is not super fresh. with that said though, that's ok. i think it's something where you can start out with a pop sound and as you gain support, dig into the creative side. anyway.. i'm done rambling and giving my opinion.. if you don't mind, check my band out - similar genre - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1154639

well NFG is really high on our list of influences, so its understandable that their influence comes out in our music and honestly were glad that you can tell. We make sure with everysong we write that it doesnt sound too close to anything weve heard before. We wouldnt ever intentionally rip off a band, were just trying to put our own spin on a popular genre.

btw your band sounds very good, recordings sound sweet too, i like the ambience in the vocals that you sorta have going!not to mention some killer guitar work
thanks man. we use a lot of delay on vocals and guitars so it kinda comes off with a certain level of ambience.. and yeah i didn't mean to imply that it was like ripping off anyone.. i think it's great. i love that kind of music so i can definitely get into it. i just mean if i were going to critique something, that would be the only thing that i could say about it..

anyway.. i'll add you guys in a hot second. but yeah, keep it up and let me know when you guys put up anything new.

Good stuff dude! It has a really uplifting mood and sounds like the kind of stuff that's even better live. Good quality recordings and everything. I agree with everyone saying there's a strong NFG influence, but I also heard a strong A Day To Remember influence, am I right? Not so much in the vocals but more in the music.

Anyways keep at it dude, I can see a lot of people loving it.
This is pretty good stuff, This heavy (hardcoreish pop punk) stuff is really popular as of late.
I'm not a big fan of the genre, but this is recorded well, and quite awesome!

except for the screams..

That totally put a downer on this.
Don't do that screaming, low stuff with your vocals and DAMN would be a good word. The good kind of damn not the bad kind.
I like the screaming a lot, I think if you guys left it out, youd be staying back from what you really wanna add to a genre that you loved. Keep it! It makes it 10 times better in my opinion.
We actually just cut back the screaming ALOT. Our old songs were alot heavier, but still had the same poppy riffs. Its just part of who we are, were not doing it to sound like adtr or anything, there are just some vocal parts that we feel wouldnt sound right singing and that screaming them better expresses the emotion. This genre is really hit or miss for a lot of people and were hoping to break a middle ground by screaming little enough for the people who are just into the pop punk part, but just enough for those who like the heavier aspect of the music.

again thanks for everyone checking us out so far, we really appreciate it! spread the word a little if you like!
i like it a lot man, sounds really good all around, and very professional layout and sound. my band has a similar genre to you guys, and are from IL also. Maybe we could get some shows sometime once my band gets rollin
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i like it a lot man, sounds really good all around, and very professional layout and sound. my band has a similar genre to you guys, and are from IL also. Maybe we could get some shows sometime once my band gets rollin

\for sure dude! whats your bands name??
Hey Guys!
we just got our first batch of tshirts in!
You can see the design on our page, and we'll have a link to order them up soon!
Hey guys, we have a show on September 1st at Pop's Nightclub in Sauget, Illinois with FOUR YEAR STRONG, FIREWORKS, and A LOSS FOR WORDS! If you live in the St. Louis area and would like to go, pm me or follow the link in my sig to the bands myspace and message us on there and we can get you tickets!