so recently i bought a converter
so it makes 1/4 in plugin, plug into the Line in/Microphone jack

And im running through my line 6 and it sounds great with Audacity

But i tried the demo for Guitar Rig 3 and it has terrible sound pick up quality.

It also sounds like super muddy
and what's your question?

also, do you just plug from your amp to the converter? How do you do this, by a speaker out, a recording out, or the headphones out?

Is your soundcard al least decent?

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well i bought this thing that plugs into the end of the cable so i can plug it into the microphone plugin in my computer.

so if i want distortion i run it through my amp
That's not a great way of recording. Good for jotting down ideas and quick recordings, but I would never use it for anything more. It sounds way to muddy and bland to me.

If you have a decent/high end soundcard (there's bound to be some pedantic dick give me the whole 'wah wah soundcards aren't built for recording - get an interface' bull****.) then it could be fine, although if it's a basic soundcard, chances are, it's not really up to the job of recording.
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