So far i've gathered that it is Japanese, and Lyle was involved with some type of law suit between Gibson, I believe they were involved with Aria some how. Other than that, I don't really have an idea. I know they were cheaper models.

The story of mine...well i bought it at a farmers market for $25. I made a nut for the strings out of a piece of plastic which was supposed to be universal, but needed to be made custom since it was missing. I got the bridge piece from a friend, I believe it was from a fender jazzmaster, but it works much better than the one I had made out of wood. It seems to play pretty well after fixing it up..very unique sound compared to what i've played. I had to adjust the neck down a lot...it was warped i'm assuming and played way out of tune. Now it is right on. The knobs I bought since the guitar only came with three, so they aren't original. I ended up putting the three gold knobs it came with on my dean avalanche.

Also, if anyone recognizes this carving...that would be awesome. I thought that it was very unique, and that is what attracted me to this guitar. Also, does anybody know what anything like this would be worth?

Yea it was $25...the guy was asking $30, i asked $20, and we settled at $25. it wasn't quite how it looked there...but it didn't take much to get it like that.

As far as sound...its got sort of a raw sound if that makes sense. Its sort of hard to describe. With some distortion it sounds pretty evil.
Thanks for the compliments. I know if this thing could talk it would be telling some wild stories. I've had this for about 2-3 years now but i have no desire to sell it. hopefully somehow i will be able to track down the history of this specific guitar. I do remember now the name "Drew" being written or carved on it somewhere, but I know I removed it when I got the guitar. Probably from a previous owner, but I don't know who would do a carving like that.
I know this thread is dead, but does anyone recognize the pickups on this guitar? I haven't seen any exactly like this. I'm assuming they are pretty cheap. They aren't very hot, and I was thinking of replacing them with a hotter pickup.
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