I got this curly, flamed or whatever maple, 19 long, 14 wide 2 inch thick. (planer time).
Already cut it, pain, with a jigsaw.

Gonna have all black hardware, probably a light but darker than it is stain finish.

-Dimensions: 12 something x 17 & 1/4 x 1 13/16 <----fancy
-Black Floyd Rose
-Just a single EMG 81 at the bridge, never use the neck or mid position so why waste money, always add more later.
-1 vol, 1 tone., speed knob look.
Don't know what kinda neck but .775 at 1st and .9 something at 12th
-Grover tuners etc.
-Back route, no pickguard

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pretty nice block of wood, alot left over, cost $88.35
Picture just rough, barely sanded just took out the milling marks.
Am I forgetting anything?
And how was the price on the wood? I mean it 2'' thick, big tree.

and yes it IS HEAVY.
Picture 007.jpg
Picture 005.jpg
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solid maple body?

Hopefully you do weights, that'll weigh a tonne and be real bright, although it will look super awesome

Are you making the neck, and what woods are you using?
lol... can you even get ebony thick enough to do that?
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maybe go for something cheaper like rosewood. I know I can get that imported into Aus from asia plus the sellers raise of price so they get a profit for $75.
i have a father guy, who has a friend that owns a shop with over 30 million in exotic woods.
but yeah i was joshing around, probably rosewood or something, havent decided.

btw, it that a good price for the hunk of wood.?
i dunno. For me thats yes, for others with cheap lumber yards thats no. LP Addict got a piece about double that size for $15, but his lumber yard is just like take anything you want for free!
i just saw your sig, how does the pine guitar play/ sound?

I i'm going to start one in a few days
i also saw we're the same age

Now i'll I need is someone to be home so they can drive me out to buy some pine (its about the only wood I can buy )
i got mine from my driveway, its firewood, (i live in canada).
lol, if you payed shipping id send some for free, but pine end up cpsting less than the shipping probably.
nah pines easy to get plus its cheap. Its all the exotics like mahogany and crap that are impossible to find