I'm looking for a wah for blues(hendrix, SRV etc) and something that will do medium gain tones like guns n roses well too. I don't need a high gain capable wah. I'm looking to spend about 100 bucks, but I can go higher if its worth it, and I can go used to. Any better suggestions?

Edit: I plan to mod it for true bypass also.
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It is a good wah. I would get one used (the version without the "a") and mod it for true bypass and a more vocal sweep. You will get a great wah for under $75 I can imagine. Or get a stock one that will be ok for what you want. Stock it is best suited for cleans and low gain, though.
Just get a used Dunlop CryBaby and mod it. Or like the man above me said get the version without the A after it for mods as well if you would prefer the look of a Vox.
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I have one for sale on eBay. I play high-gain, Ironically. It works great for all sorts of stuff. I'm only selling it cuz I have a Vetta now
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why the one without the A? I was under the impression that the only difference was that the A has the ability to use a power supply and the original could only use batteries?

But ts this wah should suit you fine. mine has never let me down yet!
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