So I wrote some songs and, as usual, I can't decide wether they are good or utter crap. That is were you fine folk come in! If you would be so inclined, It would be quite lovely if you could take a quick gander at them and give me your opinion on the level of suckishness you see. You can comment on anything, the guitar, the lyrics, the singing, what you had for dinner last night, anything! You can be a total ass too if that makes you feel better, I don't care! So get to it bubba! http://www.myspace.com/swarnermusic
you need to be more aggressive with you voice. or turn up the mic. I like your voice though. I just want to hear it! ya know!
Nice tone and playing on conformity
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Conformity reminds me of a song off of the doors album An American Prayer i really like it but you gotta turn up your voice a little mess with the mix
Conformity was good. A couple people have already mentioned it but turn the voice track up. You have a good timbre and you pitch sounded good from what I could hear. I have a tenancy to leave my vocal tracks to low in the mix because I'm self conscious about my singing so I usually get someone else to listen when I set the volume. Other than that I think your clean rhythm track may have been clipping.

Silent Angel- the vocal tracks were much easier to hear on this one. I loved the vocal harmonies you did. Great song. The bongos at toward the end were a great addition.

I really didn't care for No Thanks. It seemed disconnected and sorta choppy. That being said I think it could have potential. If you worked on smoothing it out some. Keeping the volume a little more level, but right now it just doesn't flow.

The Trees is great. The keyboard in the very beginning was a little off beat but your found it before to long. I like the chord progression and the vocals were mixed very well on this track. A nice mellow rhythm track might add to the song. A shaker in the background or something like that.

Who needs lyrics was good but by no means your best. A little on the short side but that's better that to repetitive. Nice tone and the track has a cool vibe.

Overall great work. I enjoyed almost everything. You definitely have talent and a lot of potential. Keep up the great work.

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