How can I tell if my desktop computer has wireless capability? When I go to control panel and network connections, it says I have a LAN connection and a 1394 connection. Does this mean no?
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Most desktop computers don't have wireless capability in stock.

Neither LAN nor 1394 indicates wireless connections.

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if you have a desktop chances are no, if your computer is fairly old than its even more likely no, a simple test to figure it out is to unplug your lan connection and than go to networks if nothing comes up than again no. you can buy a cheap wireless card look on newegg if your from the states or tigerdirect if your in canada, hope this helps
Well your modem is the hardware that actually receives the internet signal. It is then usually passed to a router (either wired or wireless) which allows you to send the signal to different computers. If you want to have wireless internet, then you need to attach a wireless router to your modem via Ethernet cable and you then need a wireless receiver which you plug into your computer to receive the signal from the router. If you're the only person in your house who is using the modem, then you can plug an ethernet cable directly into the modem.
Well, TS might already have a router anyway. I know most internet providers around here give/rent a combo modem/router by default, so he might have one even if it isn't being used to its.... full potential.
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