This is a song I made originally about my 13 year old cousin who through his Xbox 360 controller through his HDTV after losing at a game of Call of Duty 4. During the writing process I thought I would relate it more to the general crowd about anger during FPS games or games in general and this is the result. Its supposed to be funny and a satire of a song, all instruments by me (guitar, bass, drums/keys, vocals) and hopefully the vocals are okay enough to swallow. Please enjoy and hopefully you at least get a decent chuckle out of it, as that was the goal.


The song is Call of Destruction (Brady's Song 2 final)
First of all, this the lyrics are just epic! This is badass through and through. The Rhythem playing is very solid and the tone is good, the distortion seems a little fizzy to me, but that may be my speakers, they are crappy. The are nice and subtle, not too overpowering like some bands tend to do. I love the turn the song takes a like 3:30. I could see this being a song by a band liek Psychostick or something. I hope to hear more from you.