I know alot of you play Guitar Hero, here's a 2 part question for you.

I own a PS2, my roommate owns an XBOX360. I won't however be living with him after the end of this year. First question is: Is there any difference between the PS2 and 360 versions of World Tour other than the downloadable content? Second question, is it even worth me getting it on PS2?

I was considering buying it on 360 and then selling it when we move out.
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i wish i could see Children Of Bodom agen
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1. Death
2. Children Of Bodom
3. Metallica
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um. don't buy it on ps2. It looks like crap. Besides, buy guitar hero metallica. You can make your own ESP guitars in that one. World Tour only has like 10 good songs out of the 80 that're on there. Then again, I'm an elitist prick.
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if u get anything get Beatles Rock Band

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if u get anything get guitar hero metallica


Although most of them are good, this is the only one I've had a guarantee of quality songs throughout.