have their guitar in drop C or drop B? i have an RGA121 Prestige, got it setup, but it cannot play in drop C without the lowest string buzzing horribly on every fret. Any help? What gauge strings do you use? i have had a 52 and a 56 on the lowest string but thickness doesnt help...
did you reset it up to accommodate the thicker strings?

the action will ahve to be raised a tad if you're switching from 9s
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Did you get it setup at a music shop or just had a friend do it?
I have an old Rg570 that is also in Drop C but I took it to a pro to have it intonated and have the action set up.

By the way I have 10-52 on my guitar.
nvm i fixed it myself... yeah i had a pro do it tho, he set my last guitar up great, it was amazing. this one i think it was because of the brige, its a huge metal gibraltar plus bridge.