I just got my Pocket pod today from an Online order i made, and there is no Power Adapter.

I have Various Power Adapters at home, Universal Adapter that Can Range from 1.5Volt Up to 12Volt and has ability to change polarity and i also have my Zoom G1's Power Adapter that i used successfully on 2 other pedals ( Boss and Zoom 511 ).

Everyone keeps telling me a Wrong Polarity will screw up my Pod, so i only get 1 Chance at doing this right or wrong.
I could order another Adapter online for 30Euro Shipping and 15 for the Adapter.... But that doesnt make sense.

The Polarity on the Pocket Pod's back reads: + (•---- -
or like the SECOND Image here. :

If i have an Adapter from my Zoom Pedal how do i know it will work? Could i use the Universal Adapter? On Which setting should i put it on?
whats the voltage on the pod? if its set too high on the adapter it will fry the pod. too low and it wont be enough power. if its the wrong polarity, it wont provide power. thats it. just switch it around if it doesnt work the first time
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The voltage Required for the Pod is 9Volts. The voltage is no problem i have 3 different Adapters that are 9 Volt and have similar mA / Amper specifications with my Pod.

But you are sure that Changing the Polarity will just not give power right? I've done this many times on other Pedals / power adapters and as you say they didnt burn or anything, they just didnt power up the first time, then i switched the polarity to the other side and they worked.

I heard a load of Rhumours saying that if i put the Wrong polarity on it that it will Burn so i was a bit afraid.
Can you Confirm that switching it around will be ok?
Ive used several differant 9 volt adapters on mine and they all power it just fine with no problems or damage.

Congrats on the pod btw. I love my JSX 1000x better but its nice to have somthing portable that sounds decent. Also for when I'm playing at 4 in the morning in a college dorm lol.
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Thanks, i had a ****ty Zoom G1 up to now with very Unclean Distortion that i couldnt use at all.

Finally i can play with this nice clean Distortion and shred without noise :P
I tried it but now i'm getting Noise through my Amp.
I hear this Humming / SVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV sound.