Ok so I just re uploaded my guitar tab for the song 'Save Me' performed by Killswitch Engage.

I have been rejected 2 times now. I would like you guys to atleast take a look at it and approve/deny it. Thank you for your time.
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if it keeps getting rejected, doesnt that mean its not so nearly flawless? just saying...
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Not to be a dick or anything dude, but isnt it against the rules to tell people to rate your tabs?
Nearly flawless. And this video isn't even the stuff I have tabbed out. Well most of it is, but I corrected a lot of little minor things in the tab that is a little off in the video, but the video still is close enough. Listen for yourself, see for yourself.



#3 i'm telling people to look at it and see for themselves. If that is against the rules this site is broken. Evidence is there if a member can upload the same song I tabbed out and his is wrong, absolutely wrong. While mine keeps getting rejected because not enough people has seen it to even approve it.
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Well I watched your video, and it sounds pretty good. As far as rating your tabs though, im not quite sure exactly how the rules work.

I got unbanned a couple weeks ago, and while I was banned I spent alot of time watching the "banned users" forum, and there seemed to be alot of this kind of thing going on (telling people to rate tabs and also rating tabs with multiple accounts)

They take it pretty seriously.