Okay so I'm a fairly decent bassist that wants to play guitar as well.
I started out on guitar and then switched two years later, and now I want to play both.

I have a crappy fender frontman 15g amp and an epiphone g-310 sg, which is meh.
I'm planning on cashing in on both for a bit towards new gear.

I'm looking for a good combo amp to accompany the ESP LTD MH-250 that I plan to buy soon.

I'm not quite sure what to get though.

My style is deathcore/death metal/fusion
In terms of tone and overall sound, I'm looking for a sound in the general neighborhood of The Faceless.

...and I don't want to break the bank, cuz I'm out of a job currently.
A few hundred bucks MAX.

I was looking at a Randall RX35DM... that any good??