Whats the formula for spacing Frets on the board?

Please dont just say measure it. its not that simple. there is a formula for each note and distance.

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There is a formula for the frequency of notes. It's 440*2^(x/12) where x is the numer of semitones from the standard A on a piano. For notes lower, use a negative x.
I'm not sure, but I think you can use a similar function for fret spacing

EDIT: google is much, much easier...

EDIT2: Found the formula for the distance between 2 frets
((Scale Length) - (Scale Length) / 2 ^ (1/12)) / 2 ^ ((Fret Number-1)/12)
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Multiply scale length by 2^(-1:12) for the remaining length after the next fret; repeat.

Or multiply remaining length by 1 - 2^(-1:12) for the distance to the next fret.

The recipe can be modified, though. It doesn't account for things like strings being stretched as they're fretted and whatnot, so some compensated spacings have been devised.

I believe Gibson uses 17:18 instead of 2^(-1:12).
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