The long awaited amp everyone has heard us talk about for the last 2 months is finally gone to beta. Preampus Distortus has to go through its round of testing. When that is complete it will be added to AcmeBarGig's Guitar suite and released as freeware. We had about 6 different versions of this amp before finally settling on this conmfiguration. It has no bells no whistles, no GUT options, nothing that would let you know it is an AcmeBarGig Amp. We didn't even use our standard knobs for it. We wanted to take a different direction with this development, instead of complication, this is a plug in and play it type of amp. The only thing that is a little different about this amp is the cotrols. They are called Pad Sliders. You simply put your mouse on them and move up or down. Simplistic in its approach, and clean lines in its GUI make Preampus Distortus a very simple amp to run and get a tone from....

So, now when you tell us that the amps are too complicated, you need to look no further than Preampus...It also has a Solid State amp built in...as well as tube..

Hey Linus, Its in Beta but will come out for a limited number of people before its release, if you like I'll remember to get it to you as a public tester at this time..
Johnny, could I get added to that list too?
I'm thinking of devoting a section of the UG amp sim tutorial to working with acmebargig plugins since you guys hve got so many plugins out.
Sign me up to, im willing to give it a thorough test.
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Hey Guys the public beta for this is at...
You can download it there...

LePou and I are doing a joint- release this week with the LePou's new Solo C head, Preamp, and Full stack. We are releasing Preampus, Scar, and RedShift Overdrive. The tentative date is July 10th...So Preampus has finished its beta testing and Preset handling has been added..

The other thing is I will be doing a Public beta here for UG members as well. It will probably be the CYAN Experimental head..

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That would be great. It would be good if we explained what all the tweaking did in DIG like the crossovers, filters and stuff. Anyways, whatever you need from me let me know...'ll try and help you however I can..What about if I were to get you CYAN head, you could write about that and when it was released here for public beta everyone would be ready for it. Just a thought whatever you want to do is cool with us...