hey everyone,
now i have a bit of a dilemma, im in a band yeah, and while im playing at home by myself my distortion on my randall RH 150 is okay i guess, but once i get in a band situation the distortion gets dominated. the palm mute/breakdown sorta stuff is really really flat, and not punchy and just doesnt cut it in general. i need some suggestions on some high gain effect stomp boxes, bought metal muff - didnt like it, bought boss metalcore. hated that more, now im at a bit of a loss as to what to try next, i dont think an EQ would help at this point, also whats the best sorta noise gate, need one of them too
Maybe an EQ pedal could help by putting some more mids in the mix. If you scoop too much mids you won't be heared
okay, so you think an EQ can change my distortion THAT much thatll itll create a better sound then any dist pedal?
well it doesnt change your sound in it self it changes the volumes in certain levels,

when mids are scooped (still assuming Voicing does that) the bassist in the power and kick/toms will thin out ur sound entirely, they will always win
its not so much the drums... its the other guitarist, he runs a metalzone through a maxwatt combo + quad. i like his sound... but a little less fizzy