Well, I don't know if anyone can help me out here, but...

I bought a JV Squier (It's really awesome so far ), but I want to know how I can tell if it's a domestic or export one, since apparently only the export models have US pickups. The reason I'm asking is because I live in Japan, and well, most likely it's domestic.

is there a serial number on it?
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Everything you'll ever need to know about JVs, great axes, I had one but traded for Ibanez Artist because I needed more punch. Anyway, if I'll plan to buy a Strat in the future, then I'll hunt for another JV
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is there a serial number on it?

Yep. It's JV98355

JV9xxxx.............................Dec 83 to approx Feb 84 (export only)

I guess that means it's an export model?

EDIT: Looked under the neck: The heel has ST stamped on it (very far apart, and S is covered by the screw hole, almost didn't see it at first), and 11-10 54 written on it. I'm guessing it means it's a 54 re-issue. The neck pocket has 30 S stamped on it.

It has ceramic pickups.

EDIT2: Okay, I'm almost completely sure that's it's a domestic one. I can see the residue of a sticker on the back of the headstock.

EDIT3: Raaaagh I don't know, apparently the domestic models only had 3 pos switching
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All of the JVs had 3pos switching (as far as I remember) - still, changing it to 5-way switch was a pretty common mod since it's far more useful, for example I've got my JV with a 5-position switching, it got modded somewhere along the way.
I'm hundred percent sure it's the SST-30, the cheapest domestic one, because of the ceramic pickups Though it's only the pickups & tuners that are cheap. Everything else is top notch.

And Rusty.

@Ippon: That's an awesome guitar you got there, and with the original Squier Series head too? Wish I have money to spend (got this JV for $300, not much of a surprise ). I still have to buy a better amp.

That reminds me, the volume knob is way different than the tone ones :|
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Bad news Im afraid. That Fender logo '82 is a fake.
I had some heated dealings with a chap in Canada selling one in this colour some time ago.

They never came in white, the decals are incorrect (close mind!), and they had slotted tuners. A string tree was removed on yours also, so probably originally an E serial model.

Check out the headstock photos of genuine 1st issue export JV's on the JV details page of www.21frets.com.

To answer some other questions: both export and domestic Squier models had 3 way switches, until early..ish 1983, when the domestics went to a 5 way.

Yes the ST-30 is the ceramic pickup model with trapezoid tuners (from JV7xxxx); budget model.

I had 2 of the '57 RIs, one had the split posts and the one above is the other. See gallery 1 in the link for the old-school decals, posts and the 1 string tree for '57s. The other pages show a bunch of White '57s.

The JV Squier above gave me a '57 AVRI and a '62 AVRI in trade since it came with the tags, receipt, and original box, all very important to a collector.

BTW, this thread is 7.5 years old!