my band is in need of a PA. it must handle vocals and keyboards for band practice... but it would be nice if it was enough for gigs.
we're quite a quiet band...think Peavey Classic 30 at maybe fourth or third of its power.

i'm deciding between something like:
2x Mackie SRM 450 - active speakers. Specifications suggest 400W and 127dB peak SPL(2x400-130dB for a pair)
that should be quite enough. Price: a bit under 1000€.


2x Tapco 6925 - passive speakers and Tapco J2500 - power amp.
speakers are said to handle 600W and have sensitivity of 102dB (1W/1m). Amp is supposed to put out 575W / 8 Ohm. I did some math...it should be 2x575W and 133dB peak SPL. Price: a bit more than 700€

please put in mind that Tapco is in fact a Mackie brand...so specifications shoudl be comperable-because they're both inflated in the same manner.

So specifications put them in the same league(3dB is quite small difference). The big difference being 300€ in price.

Is acrive technology that Mackie is advertising relly worth so much?
and..hence the passive speakers have 2x15 each... there would be a lot of bass... and thereforeno need for subwoofers for larger gigs?

and lastly... am I even in the right ballpark? cuz i don't have an idea how loud will any of them be... i just know that what we have now is not even remotly enough(2x200W amp + 2 crappy speakers-90dB sensitivity->together 116db but never acctualy measured it)

EDIT: changed topic title from "active vs passive PA"
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