Can anyone recommend me some songs to learn, preferably metal, thats not just repeating the same note a few times then another note etc.

An ideal would be one that is in standard tuning (because having to change every string just for one song annoys the crap out of me).

I already know a few metallica songs - Master of Puppets, Anesthesia, Orion, Ride the Lighting and One. Apart from these I dont really know any other metal songs.

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Look at the "what songs should I Learn thread" at the top of the Bass Forum.
Not even trying to use the search bar is just ignorant.
Learn some of the songs off Megadeths Rust in Peace album, Ellefson played some good riffs on them songs.
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I'm closing this thread. Go to the top of the page, check out the song thread and look at the metal section.