Used the search bar and found some information but mainly for england and the states.. whereas I'm in aus.
OK basically, big muff pi tone wicker + small clone i have + digitech df7.
I've read all these things about milliamps and polarity and negative tips etc etc and it's all very confusing.
I was wondering if someone could find me some links for a power supply and a daisy chain that will work for these 3 different pedals (mainly the ehx are diff from the digitech) and i think i need some different adapters for the big muff and the small clone because they have weird inputs.
Thanks... i just don't wanna get these babies, plug it in.. and just fry them all or the cables not even fit into the pedals!
for the ehx pedals to work with a daisy chain, you need to reverse the polarity of the power input. basically just need to open it up and swap the pos and neg leads on the socket and it'll be fine.

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I have a boss psa240 power supply atm, that would be sufficient?
That daisy chain would work :S
And what sort of plugs would i need to change the outputs on that to ones that would plug into the big muff pi/small clone.
Thanks heaps.
Sorry for triple post, but i think i found a cable adaptor that will convert the regular daisy chain connector into a connector that will fit into the big muff/small clone.

would that work with the above daisy chain + my boss psa240 power supply?
Thanks again
so... buy that daisy chain... buy 2 of those converters.. plug into power supply... and pedals.. and it's done!
Sweet thanks for all your help guys.
The 1spot 3.5mm converter looks a lil big but I'll get it to see... they only have 1 though and i need 2... hmm.. and i thought you said it needed a 1.8mm or 2.1mm or something :S
Most EHX run on 9.6 Volts....
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Haha yeah i got the boss psa240 9v adaptor :P
which will hopefully work with it all well.