Not as famous a person this time, but Hall of Fame Champion boxer Alexis Arguello was found dead in his home early Wednesday. Is this a coincidence? Or are we beginning a celebrity holocaust?

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yeah! Why? Did he break any rule?
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yea so did another actor but he was 97

its called life

people die

get over it.

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i dont see why its so big.
People die every day.
But on opic, i believe it is a holocuast. And i wonder who's next...
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could all be leading up to obama that would make a epic conspericy
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I love you for that thread...

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Hell yea it would! oh also


that would be quite....not funny, but ironic if he did die now.
Also, you really shouldnt double post.
My name is Vikki. Use it

We took the last train
Out of the city
To plan our great escape
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becuase there've been 500 bajillion death threads in the past week, it freaking annoying.

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we aren't allowed to mourn or grieve? Maybe we don't know the people personally, but we may miss them.

Nah it's just that if all those major celebs hadn't died recently no one would bother making this thread.