no thread on these guys?

symphonic death metal with an emphasis on roman mythology/history

features a few Kataklysm members,

debut album out now on Nuclear blast records,

well worth a listen,


EDIT: oops, forgot to mention, their debut features guest appearances from Nergal (behemoth), Karl Sanders (nile) and Obsidian C (keep of kalessin)
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A friend of mine mentioned these guys to me a while ago and told me I'd like them (what with my obvious like of Kataklysm).

They're not bad. I think this could have passed for an amazing Kataklysm release rather than a whole new band but... eh. Still good!
Heard them a few months ago or something

The concept is good, but the music is boring
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Ugh, reeks of typical nowadays Nuclear Blast crap. Lets hope Nile's next album doesnt sound like this. Video and image are gay as christmas too.
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I like them. The guest appearances compeled me to check them out. I just listened to some of the first track before it died . Can someone give YouTube links to songs with guest appearances on?
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