I found out that some reverb pedals have spring reverb...
Well, what is spring reverb?
umm, i may be wrong, but w/e. A lot of amps have this too, instead of the source of sound being digital, there is a spring in the pedal that the sound travels through to make the distant echo type sound. Something like that.
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99% of reverb pedals simulate spring reverb. i can only think of one pedal that actually has a spring inside it and that's the VanAmp tube reverb. if you want a standalone spring reverb it usually comes in the form of a big tank.

spring reverb is what people (especially fender) put in their amps back in the old days and still do so now (even though lots of reverb is digitalz)

basically the sound hits a spring, which vibrates and resonates, creating the spacious effect. spring reverbs are super bright and surfy and can get really massive, which is awesome.

haha thats what i was trying to say haha, thank you for being smart.
You know, my amp has spring reverb. Is it OK to hear some kind of pulsating thunder when I shake my amp?
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Yep, but naming another amp that has real spring reverb, I know that the old Peavey Transtubes used to. I have one =)

The problem with using an actual spring is that when you're playing a gig, the spring will pick up other vibrations, which can cause it to go on when you don't want it to.
That's why nearly all amps today use digital reverb.
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