Hello UG
Hope its the right Board but whatever

I really love the band Editors and wanted to copy the tone of them.
My pedals are FX600 , TO100 and the UM300 (well i dont think i need this^^) all from Behringer. Also i own a Pocket Pod.
I tried some different sets but it sounds like s***.
Does anybody copied this sound before? Please help me!
Nothing special. A 15w Combo...no-name...
Theres an EQ, High and Low INput, a boost (no overdrive i think, its just lo9uder then) and a gain.
Unfortunately, I don't think you will really be able to "copy the tone" they use with the gear you own. You can certainly try:

Keep the bass at around 11 o'clock, the treble at about 2 o'clock (less if you own a single coil guitar) and the middle at about 12 o'clock.
Use as little as distortion as possible.

Sorry I couldn't help very much.

edit: check this thread
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You helped me...with your settings it sounds a little bit softer now after my settings.
Could you tell me what i need to copy it?
Going to search through the thread later
Thx so far!
Apart from what I've already mentioned, spending money seems to be the only way that I can personally help, particularly as I have had no experience with your gear.

You could ask in the Gear for Post-Rock Thread. Just search it.