Basically, I want a Valveking. I like the 212 because my mate has a 212 and it projects well when we play in auditoriums with no PA system (better than my 112). My question is, do you think it'd be too loud/too much wattage for just simple home practice and small gigs with PAs. (Small gigs being no bigger than about the size of a high school gym.)
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No, i have one for the exact uses you are looking for and it's sweet. No volume issues whatsoever
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Yes, the 112 would do you just fine. The 212 would be overkill IMO

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You will be terribly unhappy with the level at which you must play in your bedroom. Other than that it will be fine.
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Some valve/tube amps sound acceptable at bedroom levels, some don't. The Valveking is one of the better ones, but I personally wouldn't recommend it as an amp. I think you can do better.
But it is your taste that matters and if you like it, that's wonderful. Don't worry about it being "too loud", as there is no shame in buying a practise amp later on at a different point. Many guitarists do it, even ones on strict budgets.
Anyway, a 30 watt amp will still be "too loud" at bedroom levels.
I think the valveking can be used at lower volumes, but it seems like whenever my friend and I tried to do this with his we had to do some massive EQ'ing. However, with a live band setup the amp was pretty cool. I don't know if your into metal, but there's this kid on youtube (Search Peavey Valveking he's the kid with longer hair and has what sounds like a British accent) that has his volume down and he has a good metal tone.
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Yes, the 112 would do you just fine. The 212 would be overkill IMO

I agree.

If you want the amp to project, just put it on a stand or something.

You could go used, and do the mods for less than the price of a new 112. The same may equate for the 212, but it is less likely.

Didn't even see that.
The post below this is right. If you guys have different speakers, different guitars, or are using different boosts, you should be fine, though.
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IMO you should get a different amp to your other guitarist.Otherwise you could end up sounding a little to the same.Just my opinion though.
On topic,100 watts is overkill for a bedroom.
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I have a Laney AOR100W Pro-Tube that will melt your fillings through the 4X12 cabs. I used to play the whole rig in the bedroom but now I use a fender 1X12 cab and sometimes a power soak.