Hello, I'm new here, so first of all sorry if this isn't the right subforum for this kind of question ( tho I'm pretty sure it's the right one ). Anyway, I'm trying to learn how to play AC/DC's song "House of Jazz" from this tab http://www.911tabs.com/link/?3712797 , so anyway, I'm not an expert, I'm still quite a beginner I'd say, just learned how to play the pentatonics at quite a decent speed. So anyway, what i'm having trouble with is this thing:

I'm having trouble pulling off two notes at the same time. I need advice on how to do it. I play this part finger picking, i use 1st and 2nd fingers on the 2nd fret and 3rd and 4th fingers on the 3rd fret. When i try to pull of each string simultaneously ( if that's the correct word ) , like one at a time, first from the D string then from the G string, it sounds OK. But when i try to pull them off both at the same time, one string usually doesn't sound, sort of like its muted. So any advice on how to improve on this is welcome.

And one off-topic question, if you have time to answer it. Any advice or tips how to do pull offs without plucking the string below the string that your pulling off? That sometimes happens and well to me it just messes up the rhythm.

Thank you for your help
I usually play double stop type things like that using one finger (i.e. barre the two strings with the one finger) this way when you pull off you'll only have one finger to control.
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Yeah I barre the strings too. And to not play the string below during a pull-off you can mute it with the finger you're pulling off to.
You mean like barre the part on the second fret, or both the second fret and third fret, and them just slide the finger down plucking the strings?
That's a simple one-finger double pull. Practice scales using only your left hand and that will help you get the feel and timing right.
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Thank you guys, i think i sort of have an idea on what to do now. But now theres another problem. When i pull of with a barre, i don't know, the pull off just sounds too quiet to me, especially when i pull of the first finger ( from the second fret ). So is it so that pull off's using barre are quieter, or do i need to practice till my fingers bleed and i get the right sound?
Ok, last question regarding pull offs, i hope I'm not too annoying. If i for example barre the the second and third fret, and the sort of release the barre on the third fret with force ( not plucking the string when releasing like a regular pull off, but just releasing with force in the finger ) does it count as a pull off? Because I've tried playing like this while listening to the song, and it actually sounds like it should sound when i pull of like this.
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So long as you pull off quickly and with force you will create a sufficient vibration in the string as to produce a sound, which is really the primary goal of a pull off. You don't have to actually pluck it as you remove your fingers from the fret, rather you can just remove them naturally. Just be sure to do it briefly and with force, otherwise it won't make any real sound.