Hey there everyone! I've been playing guitar for round about a year now, & i was wondering, what are some good Country/Folk/Alternative Rock/Acoustic Based songs? I like stuff like Taylor Swift, Boyce Avenue, James Morrison, Jason Mraz, Oasis, The Kooks, The View, The Killers, Green Day, Drake Bell (only his Acoustic songs really) & stuff like that. A bit of Eric Clapton, The Beatles & Pink Floyd are cool too. But I want a song that's really catchy, a challenge to learn, but still easy for me to play. I can play any chords (i.e: Barre & Open! ) and I'm more into rhythm guitar rather than lead, but I do like a bit of a melody as well.

So with all that, whoever can recommend me a couple songs is a genius! If you cant think of anything, just recommend me anything that's acoustic! Thanks a lot guys!
Drive by Incubus.
Watch Over You by Alter Bridge.
Unintended by Muse.
Karma Police by Radiohead.
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Have you tried out the more advanced Jack Johnson pieces? He has a reputation for easy going strummer music, but he has some pieces that involve some pretty complex fingerpicking if i remember correctly. A good "in-between" intermediate piece is Taylor by him, its not his hardest but its not so easy that you pick it up right away either.
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