I have been playing for about 6 months and I came across part of a song with the title Estudio. It was a great finger picking piece and chalanging to play. Even thou I can only play parts of it right now. I dont know much about this other than I think Estudio is the person that wrote the music, not the name of the song. Are there other pieces written by this person and what are the songs names? I would like to see other tabs from this person.
Isn't "estudio" just the Spanish word for "study"? o_0

It's the title of the piece, not the composer. There's a countless number of studies out there, so it's pretty hard to recommend specific ones unless there's a particular area you're trying to improve.
If TS could provide us with the tab or sheet music i think it would be better, instead of guessing every study... But yeah, most likely Estudio is not the name of the author.
If you ever come across songs with names like: Estudio, Study, Adante, Allegro... etc etc Unless the name of the writer is already given it can be EXTREMELY difficult to find. When I first started messing around with finger/picking/style I had literally dozens of songs with the name allegro... and several dozen more with Adante, Estudio... and severla others. Songs with those names are often 'simple' and public domain, used largely for lessons and by teachers.
All great onfo, thanks. I will do some more searching to see if I can find more tabs. If anyone has a sugestion on where to find more please post them.