I'm curious about why people don't use them. There's more string vibration in the neck so you'll get more output. It also sounds fuller.
Exactly, there's more string vibration at the neck therefore you don't need as much output from the pickup, it's naturally louder than at the bridge therefore the pickup doesn't need to be as powerful to give you the same output level.
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But if you're looking for notes to punch through, a nice active pickup in the neck positions would be insanely nice.
But why stop at the level that the bridge has? A lot of people have neck pickups that are much lower output than their hot bridge pickups and the guitar's volume isn't balanced anyway. What's wrong with going the other way around? I have an Epi G-400 with 2 Dirty Fingers in it that only gets used for metal (doesn't even have a high E string) and I never use the bridge pup. The neck pup produces some of the most aggressive tones I've ever heard and the bridge sounds weak compared to it.
high output does not make it sound fuller, it makes it sound muddier and cuts out more high end.

I currently have a neck pickup at 8.5k in my neck and 8.1k in my bridge. I just don't like high output pickups in the neck because they get muddy.
those commandments are kind of tongue in cheek. if you know what you're doing and don't like low output neck pickups, then by all means go for a high output in the neck. But the point of those commandments is to give rough rules of thumb, and most people prefer lower output pickups in the neck position.
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