I have an OFR on my Hellraiser and the arm was very tight to start of with and barely moved. I found this was because the little ring of metal inside it was bent quite badly, and when I took it out I found it had broken into two pieces. Now the tremelo arm is literally as loose as it can get, it screws on fine but it hangs down wherever I have the guitar, as there is nothing holding it in place. When it spins around, like if I am preparing to use it, it is very noisy and creates noise in the pickups which then come through the amp.

Is there anything I can do to make the arm tighter and also give it less friction with the screw-piece?
Wrap the bottom of it in some electrical tape to make it thicker.
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Quote by biga29
Wrap the bottom of it in some electrical tape to make it thicker.

i've had this problem for a while with my Jackson King, but i've never thought of that. Thanks.
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I had the noisy arm problem too. I just rubbed some chapstick around the part of the bar that goes into the bridge. There's no noise whatsoever anymore but it smells like Mango Tangelo Skittles now.