notes on parenthesis...???

what does mean
and how do i play em'

here's a litle pic:
usually they are notes heard very lightly when you play the lower string, if you lightly brush them while picking the other note much louder.
^^ Yeah. They're called Ghost Notes. Just means play them quietly.
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Often called ghost notes. The main hit of the playing stroke should be on the note not in the brackets and only a slight hit on the note in the brackets.

Also, an alternative way to do this is to put less pressure on the fret for the note in brackets. Ie. resting on the string only.


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oh, as everybody says, yeah they are ghost notes, it just means to play the note not so hard. It doesnt exist in the guitar only, you have it in the drums also (IDK if in more instruments).

Anyway, there are other things called accents, which you will see later, which mean that instead of playing the note silently, you play it hardly (it is an arrow).