I'm selling my all tube Bugera 333-212 which I've had for about 6 months. The reason I'm selling it is because my friend is selling me a really nice used ENGL amp for cheap and I need a little extra money to afford it. This amp has served me well. It is 120 watts, 3 channels: clean, crunch and lead, and very versatile. It has built in reverb and an effects loop as well with an optional boost when you enable the fx loop. The amp also includes the channel switching pedal that it came with.
The amp is a combo, so it has two speakers built in, but you can also disable these speakers and run it through a cab if you like. It can get veryy loud. More than enough volume to be heard over a drummer, and definitly loud enough to gig with.
I also feel that it is important to mention that some of the Bugera amps have been breaking down because of a plastic clip coming loose inside the transformer which cuts power to the tubes. Thankfully, the connections in my amp have been soldered properly, rather than having the use of plastic clips, so it should not break down.

If you live within the area of Boston, I can probably drive the amp to you so shipping fees won't be a problem, or vice versa. Send me a message if interested. Thanks.
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How much are you selling for? and would you ship to canada? I might be willing to buy.