Ok so i recently bought a new ENGL Fireball 65 watt.. its got a mad hum using active pickups when i'm not playing. So i need a noise gate. Previously I used a GNX4 pedal board on my line 6 solid state head for noise gate and effects and solo channel.

Now I need some sort of pedal for a noise gate and some sort of volume boost/delay pedal for solos anyone have any suggestions.
ISP lol..
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Yesterday I saw a crazy pedal called Nova Dynamics which has 2 compressor and a noise gate at same time. Also, the pedal has two output and two inputs (You can use it with two amp to make stereo, or you can even plug it in you amp and plug the output of your amp in the pedal.) The only problem might be budget, I cost a lot (I don't remember exact price)
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for noise gate isp, what about delay/boost does there exist such thing in one pedal, i dont want to hit two pedals for solos
Boss NS2 works wonders IMO ...
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