In the past few years every once in a while there would come people online asking the same questions concerning flamenco(if they even called it that) time and time again. Of course this is nothing new to UG or any genre, but I thought this would provide a good solution to that. Also I've never found one before and as the great culture and music flamenco is, I feel UG shouldn't be lacking a Flamenco Club.

So as of now we have one, UG's Flamenco Club will from now on be here to try and answer your questions concerning Flamenco and anything that has anything to do with it. Be it guitars, the culture, history, music, style etc.

I hope this will contribute to the forums, primarily in keeping them clean from all the leftover threads that had been made before hundreds of times. I will probably try and update the threads and whatnot so we can do something usefull here.

UG's Flamenco Club
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UG's Flamenco Club