I mean like playing with friends in the garage/playing at a friends party stuff like that?

I don't actually have a band together or anything but I like the Vypyr 30 and was wondering if it would be good for that?

I play metal/hard rock
Eh should be fine... 30watts is still pretty loud. I reckon maybe even a roland cube 30x would be just as loud if not louder and sound a hell of a lot better.
If all else fails you can always mic it, but I have been wondering the same thing.
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The Vypyr gets pretty loud. I've gigged with my 15w MG before to a crowd of like 100 or so; you should be fine.
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The Vypyr 30 is EXTREMELY LOUD for a 30w SS amp. I played the Cube 30x for most of my HSC (the last 2 years of high school in Australia) and it's nowhere near as loud as the Vypyr 30. You'll be fine.
Thanks for the advice I also like the effects on the Peavey better than the Cube plus the peavey is $45 cheaper than the cube, so I'm probably going to go with the Peavey (Or ask for it for my birthday in August)

Thanks for the advice.