Hey, I need some new strings. I play stuff like Metallica, As I Lay Dying, Protest the Hero, Trivium, The Human Abstract etc. Any suggestions?
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Depends on ur bridge type too
I just upgraded my SG with a graphite nut and Graphtech graphite/teflon saddles. My pick attack really comes through when I mute now. And ithe strings ring forever.

A graphite nut should cost u $5 added to the cos of a guitar setup. Saddles - $30. If u have a TOM bridge, it's a great upgrade
i use Ernie ball 11 54 .. nice string .. or a custom mix of 2 sets of DR's 11 - 52 for drop C... i find anything over a 22 on the 3rd string makes it sound dull IMO : ) ..
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