Alright, this is more for the experienced guitarists here. i've only been playing for about 8 months. and i hit a point where i don't feel like i'm advancing. at least vertically. i feel like i'm only building on my skills i already have. i tried some of the excercises in the proper practice lesson section, and i practice scales every day. but i'm still not getting anywhere.

i read that this was a common problem and i was wondering what kind of songs/exercises you guys as experienced guitarists used to get out of slumps like this.
It sounds to me like you are only focusing on the physical aspect of guitar. The mental aspect is also very important, so learn the theory behind scales, chords, chord progression and learn the notes on the neck. If you fully grasp those, you'll never be bored jamming again.
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where can i find all that stuff. do i need to buy books or dvd's? anyone know a particular site that has the info?
Learning theory behind scales, chords, progressions, etc. can be done through websites. Just Google "Music Theory" and you'll get more information than you'll ever need. There's also lots of music theory threads on Ultimate Guitar, so just do a little searching. As for learning the notes of the neck, a sweet program that's free (at least for Macs...not sure about PCs) is Fretboard Warrior. After you're comfortable with the program, test yourself out on your guitar. Pick any note on any string and fret, and guess what it is. A great Satriani exercise is to find every position for a given note on the guitar. For example, A is found on 5th and 17th frets of 1st string, 10th and 22nd fret of 2nd string, 2nd fret and 14th fret of 3rd string, etc. Just find the notes everywhere on the guitar. Practice is for a while every day and eventually you'll get it. There's no quick and easy way to learn all the notes, just practice.
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ive been playin for about 4 years have never bothered learning any theory n i play lead guitar in a locally sucessful trash metal band anything i should learn