Ok, so I know scales, i.e. pentatonic, major, blues, etc..., but I never really understood how to solo or improve with them. Say I'm going over a C Major chord, so I'm going to use the a minor pentatonic scale, right? Amd I just randomly hitting notes on that scale? Or is there some method to it? How do I extend it beyond that simple scale shape?

Thanks for any advice or tips guys.
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well, you just play what you want to play, I started with playing some phrases of notes on the minor pentatonic scale
Just experiment with it, then youll understand, and playing with a backing track helps
It's not really anything to do with the shapes, rather it's about the sounds contained within the shapes - listen to the way the notes of the scale work interact with each other and what you're playing over.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that guitar playing does not begin or end with your fingers, you need to look further.
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Think of it no so much as this thing you're doing just because, think of the scale as like, a language of speaking, and you trying to speak that language with your fingers...

Okay a little deep lol, but still, any improv-ing that you do with be a culmination of what sounds right to you based on all of your previous musical experience and things like, how you feel today, etc.