That was pretty sweet! Great cover!
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Most people would think it's perfect if they didn't know exactly what was supposed to be played. I thought it was actually pretty spot on. Good job now do the rest of the song
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That's really sweet. Nice playing. I've wanted to learn that solo for a while. How did you get that tone? It sounded spot on.

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Although I don't know the song, it sounds a lot better than the other solo covers.

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sounds great although you didn't play it note by note, which is not a bad thing kudos to you. c4c?
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Pretty good playing there, 5/5

Btw, can someone tell me what C4C means?

C4C means "Crit for Crit."

I am not a huge Metallica fan, but this is one of their songs that I do like. While your solo isn't EXACT, it does sound very, very close to the original. Good use of bending, great tone, and very good phrasing. Overall, I will have to say that this is one of the better covers of the song that I have seen. Great work!

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