So, I'm a home recorder with Adobe Audition, and some pretty terrible equipment, but I like to make things sound pretty nice. For starters, I have a line 6 Spider III 75w that I just plug into my computer with a standard patch cord. Then I usually grab drum loops off the internet, and loop them. It sounds pretty nice, relatively professional, but the big problem I have is when I try to record vocals.

I record vocals through a computer mic originally used for things like AIM, or Skype, and certainly not used for professional equipment. I have a professional mic, but I don't have the patch cord to put it through my computer, so when it comes to vocals sounding nice, and mastering those vocals, I'm pretty shot.

I don't have any money to spend, so could you guys give me some tips on how to master my vocals to make them sound incredible, or how to record to make it sound professional?
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Can you just buy an adapter to run it into your computer. or 2 adapters, so you can use one of your guitar cables. I know you said spend no money, but that's less than 5 dollars. I just got that out of a coinstar machine from some pennies.
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