I knew something more heartbreaking was going to appear.
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Kill it with Lysol.

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Some guy in a striped sweater stole all my hamburgers. **** was soooo not cash
fail thread is suck...

just noticed Angusfan16 has been reporting a lot of people... nice one
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oh jeeze you fooled me...
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What's w/ all the spam posterz 2day? the pits gonna end up being shutdown again.

Oh, BTW: *brangported*

I've noticed that too =/

Tell me why I had to be a powerslave
I dont wanna die, Im a god, why cant I live on?
When the life giver dies, all around is laid to waste.
And in my last hour,
Im a slave to the power of death

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what will happen to me if the pit closes...

but srsly when did this happen last?

like a month ago, nobody could make threads and the server of the pit fell down
Why would you do this? I don't really care that I lost the game, I lose it all the time, but why even make this thread? You're not funny, you're not clever, you're a terrible troll, and it was insanely obvious what you were going to do. Get out of my internets.

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where do snails get their shells, anyway?
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They make them while they grow. They secrete the substance, I believe.
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tee hee i changed the shit out of my color scheme