i was trying to adjust my truss rod but if i go clock or counterclock wise it is really hard to turn but i don't want to turn it just in case this is not normal so is it?
on my guitars its pretty tight and needs a good reef to get turning ... i guess it depends if you have the strings up to tension or slack them off first .. i would say its normal but dont hold me 2 it
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Yes they are hard to turn. Never adjust more than 1/4 turn without re-tuning and letting the neck settle.
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i get that sometimes and it got looser later on...but best thing to do is go to a music store and ask 'em to set it up for ya.
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i want to get rid of fret buzz and my i lowered my Tune o matic bridge all the way but the action is a bit to high for my taste what way should i turn it counter or clockwise
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left loose right tight .. soo you want the neck to go down .. to bring the action down then you will probly have to set the bridge back up a lil .. always make sure the trussrod is set right before messing with the action
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If you are doing any truss rod adjustments first loosen all the strings a bit. Then make small adjustments and give the guitar a bit of time to settle. On most guitars the truss rod will adjust easily enough. One it has adjusted reset the action height and retune. It may take you a few attempts to get what you want but don't make loads of big changes just take your time and let the guitar settle between changes.
NEVER use your truss rod to adjust string height or action. The truss rod should be set to counter the string tension exactly, and only adjusted if the guitar's gone through a drastic change in climate. Even then you never turn it more than 1/8th of a turn at a time and you only adjust it enough to balance string tension.

As the weather gets hotter, the neck will have a tendancy to bow inwards more. You may need to tighten the truss rod slightly but it is only a tiny adjustment. It's not the sort of thing which is going to fix heavy fret buzz.

After all, you're complaining about getting fret buzz but you also complain your action's too high. Thing is, if the neck is too straight, that will cause fret buzz but also it'll give you a low action. If the neck is too curved it'll give you the high action but then you wouldn't also be getting fret buzz. So clearly if you're suffering from both problems, it's not the truss rod or in fact the neck at all that needs adjusting.

Also, it's not good for the guitar, intonation, tuning stability or your playing to have the ToM right the way down. I also question how your action can be high if the ToM is indeed all the way down.

Measure the height difference between the top of the 12th fret wire and the bottom of the low E string (at the 12th fret) and post what the height difference currently is. It would also help if you could take pictures and show how your bridge is, and also take a picture of the neck side-on so we can easily see how curved/straight the neck is.
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i never touch my truss rod... i'd rather have someone who knows what they're doing fiddle with it
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