Was warming up my fingers with a major scale (playing along to guitar pro) and upping the tempo, i was upping it to 170 bpm and i missed out the 0, making it 17 bpm. I thought i would play along with it for a laugh; and i was amazed by how difficult it was to keep in time with, think mastering this will help with rhythm as i get faster?
It certainly can't hurt. It's easier for me to play faster rather than slower. So I frequently practice at normal tempos, then really crank it down for a little and practice super slowly.
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I play drums mainly, but if you make the tempo quite low and work up you'll find it makes you play faster a lot better, and im sure its the same for guitar as well
Some people see playing guitar as some sort of speed test almost like a race trying to get as high a BPM as possible. When you slow it down a bit it becomes completely different and you can get alot more feel into your playing rather than playing like the guitar robotically like the guitar equivalent of the terminator.
I almost prefer playing at moderate/slow tempos. I think people start playing so fast that they end up ignoring the music and just go through the motions.