My dad has given me his Martin D28 to sell for him. To cut a long story short, I am in love

Never have I played a guitar that sounds so beautiful. A real spine tingler. I have begged him to let me have it, but he wants his grand.

I now want an acoustic but have not got nowhere near the money to buy a Martin. Has anyone got any suggestions for a guitar around £200-£400 that sounds much more expensive. I realise i'll never get the quality of the Martin without spending the money, but i'm hoping there's something cheaper that may come close enough for me to enjoy.

EDIT: I'm not trying to sell this guitar to anyone on here. I know that annoys some people. I already have a sale agreed. I just want your opinions on what I can get for my money.

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Whatever my pittances will get me
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There are actually a lot of good guitars in that price range. I could go on and on and on and list models, but instead I'll just give you some good brands to try out.

Alvarez, Seagul, Takamine, Epiphone Masterbilt, Breedlove
If you want a martin I HIGHLY recommend the DX1. I have one and I love it to death, play it every day. I paid $500 at Manny's in NYC and it's similarly priced online.

I've also played a couple low-end Taylors that sounded nice. Ditto on the Breedlove but I'm not a big Takamine fan, I've played some that sound a little dull, just make sure it has a solid top.
i just picked up a seagull original s6 that sounds nice - mellow and woody with some upper end sparkle.