Well, i would think MIM fenders are better but, just how much better are they?

how much better is a squier standard strat than the MIM Strat?
and what about the telecasters?

im looking to buy a new guitar and im interested to see if the MIM fenders are really worth $200 more than a squier standard.
well there are squiers that are built really well, like some old japanese ones. then there are new squiers that have decent parts and decent necks so they can be set up to play pretty nicely. throw that extra couple hundred dollars into some new hardware and electronics and you can end up with a guitar better than some MIM ones. however MIM fenders go the same way. you can find some with fantastic necks and nice bodies, so thats going to be worlds above the average squire. then there are the MIM with poor fretwork, bad necks and shoddy quality that arent worth the name fender.

so basicly it really depends on the exact guitar most of the time. quality control on some lower end models isnt really as strict so you basicly have to play the exact guitar you want to buy to make sure its a good one.