So i just got to my computer for the first time in a couple days. I logged on, and suddenly all the red in the color balance stopped working. what kind of problem is that? how the eff can i tell? I know it's not just the color balance of the monitor, and i don't think it's anything to do with the pins on the plug. i unplugged it and it still did the same thing. Could it be the monitor just died? my video card?
what do i do? it's really annoying.
Edit: it's a flat screen

UPDATE So now it does it randomly. One day the red will be on, the next it won't be. Sometimes it flickers, and switches. Never when I'm touching anything on the computer desk though. Thoughts?
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Hit the screen with a chisel.
is it a CRT or a flat panel? because if it's a CRT, sounds like the red electron gun (not making that up, badass though it sounds) is dead. If it's an LCD, could be a few things.
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You say it's not the pins, and you say you lost all the red on the RGB scale. Probably your video card, although usually video errors like that result in 2 colors disappearing, not 1. Attempt to reinstall your video card drivers. If that doesn't work, re-seat it. Or it might be busted, in which case only solution is to buy a new one or go without one.

If you have no video card, you're running off of your motherboard's integrated graphics. If that's busted you're pretty much boned. Grab a cheap graphics card and drop it in, install the drivers, and set it to your display device.

Alternatively, if you have a really old CRT monitor it means that something's up with the cathode ray emitter (or, "electron gun," as it has been more colorfully called in the thread). Take it to a professional for a diagnosis. If it's borked come out from the dark ages and get an LCD monitor.

That's pretty much all i can think of.
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maybe it is the pins. because i just took it out and had a good look, and i remember there being more. can you fix that? and i remembered my graphics card is definitely integrated into the motherboard. so hopefully it's just the monitor.
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