I've been playing bass for the greater part of a year and I've decided to start playing guitar now. Since I have no one to teach me, I'll try to learn from the links in the sticky threads above.

But I am a bit confused about how some chords would be played. For example, in a D chord (D major I presume it is), you'd need to mute the top two strings (5th and 6th) and play the rest. Normally I'd just use my other fingers to mute it, but well that poses some problems on the guitar. When strumming now, do I use my thumb to mute these two strings or do I accurately strum the other 4 strings?
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For D, you don't mute any strings.

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For D, you don't mute any strings.

Normally you do if you want to strum it and make patterns with it.

I just wrap my thumb over, but I know how hard it is to get that thumb around when you start. You don't really have to mute the A string since it's not out of key but at least mute the lowest string for now.
Also, if you wanna kind of cheat you can tune to Drop D and play all 6 strings... Although that screws up all the other chords that use the low E string.
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or just learn to avoid those strings while strumming there is no point in muting the strings.
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I just use my thumb. Like tenfold said, you don't really have to worry about the A string, but try to mute the E with your thumb. One benefit being that if you are going to play a D/F# or something (and you weren't playing with a bass player), all you have to do is push your thumb down a little harder to get the F# in there.
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Thanks for the replies. Will try to avoid the strings as that seems best.
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