Dear god not more gain!

Pinch harmonic + Lots of vibrato
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It's a hammer on harmoni......hit an open string and quickly hammer on but just enough to get a natural harmonic...use lots of whammy bar and it works best with a floyd rose setup.....it takes lots of practice
ALL THE GAIN THAT IS POSSIBLE =] makes it a lot easier.
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Pinch harmonics on higher strings/further up the neck? Use plenty of vibrato, a Floyd Rose would probably be helpful as well, as such:

As much gain as possible (without getting insane feedback obviously), humbucker pickups help, and if you want one of those dimebag squeals that last forever and sound amazing, (make sure you have a floyd), flick the string with your fretting finger, push down the tremolo bar really hard, then on your way up lightly tap the string wherever you want the harmonic.
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It's not a pinch harmonic....read my post I do it all the time.......3rd post!

"Squeals" are generally artificial harmonics. It's not unheard of to do it as a natural harmonic but I definitely disagree with you insisting that it has to be a natural harmonic.
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just take the high e and b pull em up as far as you can and abuse your trem, its what i do for a high pitched deal. but pinch harmonics would help if you get 'em down.
Check out zakk wylde, several lessons on youtube. But don't use "lots of vibrato", do one wide to get those mean sounding squeals, like Zakk does it !

Edit; And you don't need lots of grain, that'll just muddy up the squeal, I can feel me doing a Pinch without any gain, you recognize the sound, but I usually have the volume nob on my guitar about 65% up.
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I always thought that a pinch harmonic on the the 14 fret, G string is very "squealy".

You might be thinking about whammy bar/natural harmonic abuse though
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^ it largely depends on where you pinch the string. different places produce different notes.

Just infront of the middle pickup on my Strat is where I usually do them.
Just behind the middle pickup if I need more of a Zakk Wylde style pinch.
I like to hit a natural harmonic, and then pull the **** out of the whammy bar. But you can do it with pinch harmonics too. Zakk Wylde does it by attacking the strings in a manner where both his thumb and index finger contact the string slightly. Works best with lots of gain.

I'd agree with GT Baller, it's about hammering on as you pull the harmonic and then vibrato to hold as long as you can.

The other thing is how you hold the pick and the contact of the thumb with the string as you pluck. Difficult to explain that bit. Just keep trying as few different ways of holding the pick and hitting the string.

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Severe bending with wide vibrato, you don't need to hit a harmonic and you don't need loads of gain either, you just need good technique.
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